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About SportsLK
  • SportsLK - The only online sports facility booking service in Sri Lanka. We have extended the TicketsLK concept, to provide convenience to all sports enthusiasts out there to find their favorite sports centres and to reserve sporting facilities.
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  • It’s a free service open for all sports players! All you need is to become a member to avail the services we have lined up for you.

    Members of SportsLK are able to reserve sports facilities such as badminton courts, squash courts, tennis courts etc.

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  • Get recognised in the wide opened world and have your facilities publish freely.

    If you would like to see SportsLK works for your sports centre, please visit our Join Us page to get in touch with us today.
  • SportsLK , Another Service By LinkLK
  • LinkLK platform enables users to register once and for all (Single Sign On) and use the services provided by the platform. We serve you with TicketsLK FinanceLK CabsLK and more to come.